The commercial division, headed by Mr Hope Tagarira, was established in 2004 to rationalise purchasing and marketing functions. The intention was, and continues to be, the procurement from suppliers of raw materials and other products at the best possible price, to the benefit of Haggie customers. Although this policy has been affected by prevailing inflationary trends, the division continues to strive to maintain prices at the lowest possible economic level.


Kwekwe Sales, headed by sales manager, Mr Amos Zinhanga, handles all bulk local and export orders of wire, wire rope and fencing materials. Sales offices are located within the Kwekwe administration complex on Bessemer Street.


The Bulawayo branch is managed by Mr Mamvura. It incorporates Haggie’s Wire Warehouse at 29 Plumtree Road and a retail outlet for wire rope. Stocks carried by the Wire Warehouse include diamond mesh, barbed wire, Hexmesh, razor wire, weldmesh, and Brickforce. As a special service to builders and commercial fencing erection operations, the Warehouse also carries good supplies of cement. The rope warehouse carries stock of steel wire rope for industrial, mining and civil engineering needs and holds a special stock of coated shovel rope (known as the Green Mamba) for the Hwange Colliery.


Mr Blessing Mrewa heads the Harare branch, situated at 1 Borgward Road, Beverley East, Msasa. This branch carries diamond mesh, steel wire strand in various gauges and lengths, barbed wire, Hexmesh, razor wire, weldmesh and Brickforce the fencing and building trades. As a major centre for purchases of steel wire ropes for mining, the branch stocks rope in all grades and gauges.