Technical Services

The Technical Services Division, is headquartered in Bulawayo under the management of Mr Tagarira. Its functions include proof-load testing of new and existing rope and other lifting equipment. It also carries out on-site testing and assessment of hoisting gear on mines in conformity with the Zimbabwe mining regulations.

Approved Government  Testing Station

Haggie Rand can be relied on by operators of plant and machinery for the professions service ad advice required to comply with the Factory and Works (General) Regulations in Zimbabwe. Non-destructive testing of wire rope and other hoisting equipment can be carried out on-site with the use of ultrasonic and electromagnetic testing units and the company offers a rigging inspection service in line with Zimbabwe’s factory and works regulations.

Inspection services

The inspection service provides a comprehensive visual examination of:

  • wire rope slings
  • chain slings
  • chain blocks
  • ratchet hoists
  • Tirfor hoists
  • ropes, sheave wheels, drums and hooks on electric hoists, overhead
  • and mobile cranes.

Magnetic Rope Testing Equipment

technical serviceThese instruments are used to test all the types of steel wire ropes, utilizing international testing procedures and techniques, requiring an inspector to make an immediate on-site evaluation of the rope under test. Through EM testing, faults such as broken wire, corrosion and loss of steel area can be monitored before any accidents can occur.

Destructive Rope Testing

In order to comply with the Mining(Management Safety), Haggie rand Zimbabwe has facilities to destructively test mine steel wire ropes from sizes 13 to 45mm diameter. Ropes are destructively  tested, the breaking force automatically recorded and visual examination of the broken ropes specimen carried out. These results are then sent to the customer in the form of a test certificate and copied to the Chief Government Mining Engineer.

Rigging Inspections

Lifting is only as safe as you make it. Haggie provides comprehensive on-site visual inspection of lifting equipment. This service not only provides vital safeguards but also takes care of your legislative obligations. Haggie Rand is as concerned as you are  about the risk to lives and loads. Haggie Rand can be relied on by operators of plant and machinery for the professionsl service and advice required to comply with the factory and Works (General) Regulations in Zimbabwe.

State-of-the-art Testing Equipment

The Mobi Dick is the ultimate in Ultrasonic Testing equipment. Its primary function is crack and flaw detection in castings, ball mills, air receivers and any large components made of steel. It is completely portable with a large memory where inspection data is stored, retrieved and printed at a later time. Various materials may be tested using the Mobi Dick. Dye penetration and magnetic particle testing are also done.

Other Services include:

  • Ultrasonic Rope Testing
  • Dye/Liquid Penetrant Tests
  • Magnetic Crack Testing
  • Rope Installation
  • Training Courses in: Rigging, Splicing and Rope Maintenance