Wire and Fencing

Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer of mild steel wire and fencing products, Haggie Rand produces the bulk of the country’s barbed wire, diamond mesh and hexagonal mesh in various heights, wire sizes and aperture sizes.

Product range and by-products:                   

  • barbed wire,
  • diamond mesh and hexagonal mesh,
  • stitching wire,
  • tobacco clips,
  • cotton bale ties,
  • furniture and industrial springs,
  • nails, staples,
  • Brickforce,
  • weld mesh,
  • woven screens,
  • cable armouring wire,
  • wire coat hangers,
  • welding electrodes,
  • razor wire.

Production volumes

Operating at its full capacity Haggie Rand is able to produce 1 500 tonnes of wire and rope per  month, with an annual production volume of 18 000 tonnes.

Urgent rope orders can be processed within two weeks, and wire within a few days, depending on the availability of raw materials. All branches hold stocks of rope, wire and fencing products.