Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Leading Steel Products Manufacturer and Supplier in Zimbabwe, Central and Southern African Region

Our vision is to be the leading Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced, Hard Drawn Aluminum Conductors, Steel Wire and Steel Wire Rope Products Manufacturer and Supplier in Zimbabwe, Central and Southern African Region.

We will achieve our vision through the following:

  • Our People
  • Our Offer
  • Our Conduct

Our People

By fostering SHEQ management systems and teamwork, nurturing talent, enhancing leadership capability and acting with pace, pride and passion.

Our Offer

By becoming the supplier of choice, delivering quality products and services and creating value for our customers.

Our Conduct

By providing a safe workplace, respecting the environment, caring for our communities and demonstrating high ethical standards.

Our Mission

High quality and efficiently produced products to satisfy market needs

Through a demand for high productivity, competent staff and employee participation, we seek to pro-actively market high quality, efficiently produced products to satisfy market needs with a full awareness of our strategic position.

Employee’s safety and health as well as looking after the environment is always top priority to the organisation.

High quality products are constantly produced in accordance with the ISO 9000 Standards.

Our mission statements provide us with not only our purpose and direction.

They also dictate our marketing strategies. It is why we:

  • Produce a comprehensive range of high quality steel wire and steel wire products at the Wire and Rope factory in Kwekwe.
  • Established branches in Harare and Bulawayo to provide customers with a faster, more efficient service, through well-trained staff.
  • Introduced proof-testing and splicing services at our major branches as part of our total customer service.
  • Established Lifting Services, which is responsible for marketing chains, slings, etc.
  • Make available an extensive range of product catalogues, which furnish meaningful user information.
  • Develop SHE systems to ensure the health and safety of all employees.
  • Maintain ISO 9001:2015 Certification to ensure a constant supply of high quality products to our customers.
  • Offer the services of a team of qualified personnel dedicated to providing on-and-off site technical support.

Lifting is a dangerous business. Lives and loads depend on the integrity of the product and the quality of advice given. With over 40 years’ experience in business, Haggie Rand Zimbabwe is uniquely qualified to meet these needs.

The organisation strives to meet customer requirements and to exceed customer expectations